mallika sherawat

Choti baho saeson ii epi 81

Choti Bahu Season II Episode 84Choti Bahu Season II Episode 84
Rohan pretends of regaining his memory, but Dev realises that he was never ill and makes Rohan admits it. Rohan tells Dev that he feigned his illness because
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 79Choti Bahu Season II Episode 79
Padma chides Radhika when she finds her playing with Rohan. She orders Radhika to leave and asks Rohan to sleep. Radhika thanks God and goes to
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 77Choti Bahu Season II Episode 77
Everyone is shocked when Maheshwari formally announces that she has given Radhika the responsibility to take care of Raj Purohit. Viraat is shocked with this
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 82Choti Bahu Season II Episode 82
Rohan gets alarmed when he sees Dev watching him and again starts behaving like a kid. Dev gets convinced that Rohan is not well. On the other hand, while
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 95Choti Bahu Season II Episode 95
Dev and Radhika arrive at Mansaram s place, but get shocked when Mansaram accuses Dev of kidnapping Radhika. Radhika tries her best to explain the truth,
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 78Choti Bahu Season II Episode 78
Radhika gets worried when she comes to knows that Dev is not feeling well. She asks Dev to rest for a while, while she goes to prepare medicines for him.
Choti Bahu Episode 81Choti Bahu Episode 81
Radhika tries to console Dev. But Dev tells her that falling in love has only given him pain. And tells her to leave him alone thinking that her presence is just an
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 88Choti Bahu Season II Episode 88
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 83Choti Bahu Season II Episode 83
Dev and Radhika are shattered while Rohan is very happy and tells everyone that he is looking forward to marrying Radhika. Later in the night, Radhika meets
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 74Choti Bahu Season II Episode 74
Radhika requests Shanti to let her stay for at least a night because she worries that her in laws would speak ill about her parents for not adhering to a custom.
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