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Could we ban encryption computerphile

Fishy Codes Bletchley s Other Secret ComputerphileFishy Codes Bletchley s Other Secret Computerphile
Hitler s High Command didn t use Enigma, they used a faster system called Lorenz, but when Allied forces first encountered it, they had no idea what it was and 064109
Why The Government Shouldn t Break WhatsAppWhy The Government Shouldn t Break WhatsApp
Encryption backdoors breaking WhatsApp and iMessage s security to let the government stop Bad Things sounds like a reasonable idea. Here s why it isn t. 736835
Encryption and Security Agencies ComputerphileEncryption and Security Agencies Computerphile
News stories surface every day about how National Security Agencies have broken encryption, but what is media hype and what s the truth Richard Mortier 597088
Consensus Organising Coffee ComputerphileConsensus Organising Coffee Computerphile
Just like humans organising to meet for coffee, computers need ways of organising themselves. Heidi Howard, of the System Research Group at University of 203466
Machine Learning Methods ComputerphileMachine Learning Methods Computerphile
We haven t got time to label things, so can we let the computers work it out for themselves Professor Uwe Aickelin explains supervised and un supervised 362030
Anti Learning So Bad, it s Good ComputerphileAnti Learning So Bad, it s Good Computerphile
How getting something completely wrong can actually help you out. Professor Uwe Aickelin explains anti learning. Could We Ban Encryption 525784
Why would a ban on encryption be a bad thingWhy would a ban on encryption be a bad thing
There s been a lot of talk recently about banning strong encryption, adding backdoors, and enforcing compliance with government requests. It s unclear how 378629
Could We Ban Encryption ComputerphileCould We Ban Encryption Computerphile
10 off at Squarespace Secret services want to read people s communications, politicians talk about terrorists, but what s 546977
The Problem with JPEG ComputerphileThe Problem with JPEG Computerphile
Never use JPEG with text. But why Image Analyst Mike Pound explains what goes wrong when JPEG tries to compress text. Holy Grail of AI 898274
End to End Encryption E2EE ComputerphileEnd to End Encryption E2EE Computerphile
End to end encryption, government ministers are again talking about stopping it. What is it and why might that be a bad idea Dr Mike Pound explains. Hololens 179288

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