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Stupid blonde and dog

Dumbest Blonde EverDumbest Blonde Ever
I ve seen some dumb things in my life, but this takes the cake 844748
The most stupid woman in the world Note The dog is fineThe most stupid woman in the world Note The dog is fine
Women like this shouldn t have pets The dog should be taken from her, and she has to pay for the broken eggs 488780
Even blonde dogs are dumbEven blonde dogs are dumb
Even blonde dogs are dumb. 759755
Dumb as STICKDumb as STICK
My dog won t leave his stick behind listen to the noise he makes LOL 400799
Dumb Girl Questions if Dogs have BrainsDumb Girl Questions if Dogs have Brains
Dude criticizes dumb girl about her questions about dogs having brains. 498476
Dumbest Blonde On The PlanetDumbest Blonde On The Planet
Some times some people wonder why they get called retarded. Well, looks like this lady did go to school but maybe didn t pay enough attention at the class. 641672
I am no longer talkingI am no longer talking
you all told me you wanted a video where I didn t talk here it is I have been silenced. you are watching me on mute. just stare at me like an animal in a cage. no 806153
Stupid blonde girlStupid blonde girl
Grace is back. 133399
Dumb dogDumb dog
Dog doesn t realise theres no glass in the patio doors and waits for the doors to be opened. 527839

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