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Tf2: revenge saxxy 2012, drama

Saxxy Awards 2012 All WinnersSaxxy Awards 2012 All Winners
In response to the 2015 Saxxy Awards currently happening I am showcasing the 2012 Saxxy Awards to bring back to the past, I hope you all enjoy I own none of 303786
Unbalanced Teams Saxxy Awards 2012Unbalanced Teams Saxxy Awards 2012
Saxxy Awards 2012. I m Spanish so excuse me if I write something wrong. This is my first video made with SFM or any animation tool, so the animations are very 290621
Tf2 revenge saxxy 2012,dramaTf2 revenge saxxy 2012,drama
Nothing here. 841382
Artificial Feelings Saxxy 2015 ExtendedArtificial Feelings Saxxy 2015 Extended
Songs used Closets by Ben Hansen Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 Royalty Free 486192
Bad MedicineBad Medicine
Resume 2D art twitter tumlbr 967933
SFM Demoking s Revenge Saxxy s Awards 2012SFM Demoking s Revenge Saxxy s Awards 2012
My entry for the Action category of the Saxxy s Awards 2012. Shout out to the Open Source Film Maker Community Enjoy 011486
Odd Engies The Fall of Mann TF2 Saxxy EntryOdd Engies The Fall of Mann TF2 Saxxy Entry
In a world no longer updated by VALVe, RED and BLU must face the fears of uncontested bugs, crashes, exploits, and most importantly engineers. This was 281795
Tribute Saxxy Drama Finalist 2014Tribute Saxxy Drama Finalist 2014
This is a Drama entry and one of the finalists. I want to thank all those who watched and voted for my video Juggling army life and civilian life has never been 833008
DEFECT Saxxy 2014 Winner Best DramaDEFECT Saxxy 2014 Winner Best Drama
THANKS FOR THE SAXXY YOU GUYS I can t tell you guys how much this means to me 384974
PLAYground saxxy 2012PLAYground saxxy 2012
My entry for saxxy 2012 action drama too bad there is no category as edit or cinematography. Huge thanks to Studio takt Programs 3DsMax, SFM, After 893706

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